Casa del Mango is the “kennel name” I have decided to use in conjunction with the animals I own (or co-own). “Mango” was the name of my first Belgian Malinois – officially she was U-CD Spitfire Mango Madness, HICs, BH, CGC, Therapy and my first Mobility Assistance Service Dog. She is the benchmark to which all others are judged. She was a workingline Malinois, bred by Ted Hoppe of Gatorland Kennels, where I worked as a Vet and Kennel Tech. Mango was the runt puppy who I fell in love with, and she forever “ruined” me by creating very high standards! She was beautifully built & typey, so I knew I could never have an ugly Malinois in my home! She showed me that a REAL Malinois can be solid and stable (she was the Monmouth County SPCA’s Obedience Demonstration dog, as I volunteered in that program) yet still be protective, appropriately behaved in all situations, conformationally sound, loaded with type – particularly that intelligent expression that can’t be described, but is easily recognized – and be confident and easy to live with.

It was Mango who got me into the sport of Schutzhund, competitive Obedience and she was always so “game” for adventure, she got me to “dabble” in a variety of other dog sports – Herding, Agility, Dock Diving, Water Work, Carting, Tracking, Therapy – you name it, we tried it. My experience lead me to become a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator as well as earning certification to be a Training Director in the sport of Schutzhund through the all-breed international Schutzhund organization based in Germany.

Currently, I have (usually) 4 dogs in my home as well as several I co-own who live with their primary co-owner. I am a fan of co-ownership for various reasons and I have been extraordinarily lucky in my choice of co-owners so far. I train, show, work and condition my dogs, as well as having a very elite breeding program that is focused on bettering the breeds that I work with. I feel that I am a steward of these breeds and need to put my money where my mouth is, and never compromise my standards. It took my 15 years of researching and getting to know my bloodlines, pedigrees and genetics before I got the courage to produce a litter. I say “courage” as I needed to be able to be ruthless in regards to mate selection and make sure I could stand behind what I produced.

Casa del Mango has, so far, bred a Finnish Spitz litter, 3 German Shepherd Dog litters and a Malinois litter. I also have Siamese cats that may also be part of the breeding program here at Casa del Mango.

So enjoy looking around at some of my “CdM” critters – several have their own page dedicated to showing off their accomplishments and a little bit about their particular “story” here at CdM.


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