Breeding Plans

Right now we are planning a Germans Shepherd and a Belgian Malinois breeding within the year.

German Shepherd

Our first breeding will be out of our German Shepherd bitch “Kiri” (SG- 1/U-Ch. Fayr van Corsalabroek, HICs). She is a German “highline” Shepherd imported at 12 weeks old. She is a large girl – just under the disqualifying height determined by the German Standard – but with near-perfect structure. She is sound – excellent angulation that results in a “single-tracking” trot. She has a hard short coat (no longcoat factor) which is a nice black and red color. She has a solid, stable temperament – always appropriate – and she has served as a Mobility Assistance Service Dog for me from time to time. She is an amazing dam, too – raising and teaching her puppies early on so they are all pretty solid, confident pups.

We are planning to use a working-line male for this upcoming breeding.

Belgian Malinois

We are planning a breeding to our co-owned pick bitch, Torrie (Am Ch. Filles des Loups A Torrid Romance del Mango), as soon as her OFA ratings are completed. She will be bred back to her sire, BISS/BOSS United/International Ch & Am Grand Ch TriSorts Zorro del Mango, TT, CGC, TD, PAT, HICs, RE, Service Dog.

For those who do not understand genetics, such a tight breeding sounds terrible, but used sparingly, it greatly increases the odds when it comes to preserving certain traits and making those things prepotent. It is a “magnifying glass” so that you double up the risks of seeing “hidden” genes crop up, but it also doubles up on the genes you want. I have studied my bloodlines for the last 15+ years, so I am willing to take the chance. The reason I am doing such a tight combination is to try to keep Zorro’s very unique, gentle and natural Herding behavior. None of his pups with Ouija seemed to have inherited that trait, so by doing a tight breeding I increase my chances of that Herding instinct being produced in the pups.

The pups out of the Torrie-Zorro combo will definitely have the solid, stable, sound and social temperament that I want to see in my breeding program. They should also be incredibly sound physically, typey and correct.

If you are interested in either of the above-mentioned breedings, feel free to contact me as we have list of people interested in the pups.


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