ZJ – Belgian Malinois


“ZJ” (officially registered as “Filles des Loups A’Djinn del Mango, TT, HICs”) is the pick male out of my first litter of Belgian Malinois. It was a breeding I had been wanting to do for years – begging the dam’s owner until she finally relented an d allowed me to breed her working-line female Am Champion Ouija du Loups du Soleil CD to my show-line male, BISS/BOSS United/International Champion/American Grand Champion TriSorts Zorro del Mango, CGC, PAT, HICs, RE, TT, Mobility Assistance Service Dog.

Both Ouija and Zorro are from French bloodlines – Zorro’s are especially rare as his sire was dead 10 years before Zorro was produced using frozen semen. Zorro was 8 years old when he was bred to Ouija, who was also an older bitch at 5 years old. I knew, with such an outcross, I might not produce anything fantastic – genes don’t always bundle the way we want them to – but as good, solid temperament is a recessive in our breed, I knew, at least, that dogs with stable character would be produced.

My goal of mixing both the working- and  show-lines was to bring balance – a malinois with a steady personality, good work ethic with correct structure and type. Having studied bloodlines and genetics for the last 15+ years, I knew that this first attempt was not likely to produce what I think is the perfect package – I figured it would be a couple of generations before I got what I wanted. So I was thrilled to have produced ZJ in this first litter.

ZJ is the total package – he is incredibly social with people, polite around other dogs, naturally merry in temperament, excellent work ethic with natural retrieve drive and metal affinity. His grip is full, calm and he doesn’t even roll a dumbbell in his mouth. He is “safe” a malinois who can be trusted in a “roomful of toddlers” yet be appropriately interested in protecting his people without being a “loose cannon.”

He is medium-sized with correct angulation, full dentition, a beautiful neck with that typical arch ed “crest.” He has a beautiful head – masculine without coarseness – and gorgeous tiny, high-set little ears that make his show-line dad jealous! He has a plush bronze-colored coat with plenty of “charbonnage” (black tipping on guard hairs) and a complete mask. He “single-tracks” when trotting, and this, combined with his other physical traits, has led to show-ring surprises like a 3 point major the first time he was in the ring at 6 months old – the win just moments after he broke his show lead and leapt out of the ring to be with me, as opposed to his handler.


ZJ is currently in training for both the sport of Schutzhund, as well as his future job as my next Mobility Assistance Service Dog when his sire retires. I decided to place him on a co-own with dog trainer Daniel De La Rosa, as, with my own physical limitations, I knew I couldn’t bring him to his utmost potential like Daniel could. ZJ passed the American Temperament Test Society’s Temperament Test and was Herding Instinct Certified on sheep. We are planning to title him in a variety of dog sport venues from Schutzhund to Conformation to Rally to Therapy – ZJ is always “game” to try new things and with his sensitivity, he is always willing to please his person.

He will be x-rayed for OFA after his 2 year old birthday as Casa del Mango always strives for a sound body with no genetic faults. We will then offer his stud services to approved bitches of merit. We don’t know what genes he will pass on, but the hope is that his genotype matches his phenotype. We firmly believe in breeding for the “golden middle” – in any breed – it is important to preserve the working ability as well as the correct structure in any dog – to make good temperament a priority, as well as health. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions about ZJ – feel free to check back often as we update his accomplishments.


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