The Story – P1

Welcome to the del Mango pets page! Here you will get a little background on the wonderful animals we call friends, and maybe even a sense of why we think they are so special…

The del Mango page has to begin with the dog who started it all, Spitfire Mango Madness. I (Sara) had been working for Ted and Dawn Hoppe (of American Street Ring fame) when Mango was born in a litter from one of their sweetest and prettiest brood bitches, Nip. I adored Nip and her mother Cobra (who was really sweet once you got to know her, although most people felt she really did live up to her name), and the littlest runty puppy became mine.

I was in my early twenties then, and Mango grew up as my best friend. It was her and I against the world! True to her Malinois nature, she was “game” for anything – we not only did Obedience, but Tracking, Protection, Agility, Herding even Water Work! Unfortunately, when she was about three and a half years old, she developed Idiopathic Canine Epilepsy. Of course, I did everything possible – went to specialists, tried alternative therapies, you name it – I tried it. For years it was manageable, but as she got older the “breakthrough” seizures got worse until, at eight and a half years old, I had to let her go. My whole family was devastated. Everyone loved Mango. She just had such a vibrant, intelligent and truly kind nature – she helped raise, and even rescue, guinea fowl keets, wild fledglings and baby squirrels, cuddled with guinea pigs and kittens, and she was always gentle and patient. On the flip-side, my Schutzhund club members at the time (Garden State Schutzhund club), used to call her “Mangle” due to her overly “civil” aggression on the field. She was a great personal protection dog and a true show-off at the shows we entered and as the Monmouth County SPCA”s Demonstration Dog at events. She is missed every day.


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