The Story – P3

To my chagrin, Maiya made herself Ed”s dog. MacLeod took her under his wing and showed her how to be a pet – he was instantly cured from his grief, and happily allowed her to steal his treats and take over his special snoozing spots. She is a very sweet, but reserved, girl. She was not the personality I was looking for when it came to working in Obedience or Agility, but Ed loved her and she loved him, and once she came into our home, that was it. Two dogs was the limit in our little Brick, NJ condo, so I resigned myself to waiting until I had the room for another Malinois to show and work…

About a month after moving to FL, Carol Knock contacted me about a litter due on the ground in early April. She wanted me to have a pup – it was an amazing breeding (I had met the dam the last time I was there, and had noticed how pretty and sweet she was) and promised some super pups, physically and temperamentally. After some serious consideration (OK, it took me less than a New York minute!), I said YES! Zorro was born April 7, 2003, and we drove up to VA to bring him home late June. From the start, he was an amazing puppy. He was pick of the litter, and it was easy to see why – his personality was sweet, inquisitive, patient (an unusual enough characteristic in the breed!), very self-possessed, and even a little naughty sometimes. He still is. Zorro very obviously made me his human. I am his sun, moon and stars, and his devotion is complete. He easily finished his AKC Championship, and also works as my Service Dog as needed (much to Cloudie”s dismay).

So far, he has matured into a very good-looking boy, and has a temperament to die for – his sweetness and mild (well, milder than a hard-core “working” line Mal!) personality suit exactly what I am looking for, and want to promote in the breed. Carol Knock co-owns him with us and has provided invaluable guidance and support. We think very highly of her ethics and breeding program, and intend to continue with her to satisfy the cravings of our “Malinois habit.”


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