The Story – P4

January 2007 brought a new bundle of joy into Casa del Mango – a beautiful European-bred German Shepherd Dog female named Kiri (her “official” name is Fayr van Corsalabroek). Friend and mentor Shelly Leibowitz selected her for us, and he couldn”t have done a better job – she is everything that we hoped for, and shows tremendous promise for a future of conformation and performance titles, as well as replacing MacLeod when he is retired from Service.

We also currently have three cats here at del Mango. The first feline to join us was Mallory, a tortoise-shell colored kitty we adopted in Key West the weekend we got engaged in January 2000. She was the only kitty in the shelter to come right up and rub against MacLeod.

Our next cat, Sea Bass, came into our home in a more novel way… I was driving home one day and nearly hit his brother, who had wandered into the road. Three kittens had been born under a backhoe in a marina in Highlands, NJ where we were living at the time. After fishing them out from under heavy machinery, I took them home to clean them up, feed them and figure out what to do with them. Of course, the runtiest kitten was in terrible shape – I didn”t think he would even survive the night – he was cold, unresponsive and had maggots in his eyes (Ewwww!). All three of them were anemic, dehydrated and loaded with fleas.

That night, we bathed them, fed them a thick formula of kitten milk replacer, and I was able to clean out the runt”s eyes. They survived and were raised by a very attentive MacLeod and Mango. Two of the brothers were adopted by friends of mine, but I couldn”t find anyone to take the runt. His eyes turned out to be fine, despite the maggots, and of course once it”s in my house… Sea Bass has turned out to be a very affectionate cat, and was a favorite of my late grandfather. We are glad to have rescued the cuss.

We also have a Siamese – a little Seal Point “Traditional” girl, Dharma, who thinks she is part of our dog pack. Siamese are the most loveable, smart, social and comical cats I have ever met. I am looking forward to a special show Siamese in the near future…

We also have 2 ornamental show chickens – little Dutch Bantam hens named Amelia and Sally. They are adorable and we get fresh eggs daily.

So, it sounds like we have a zoo or an ark here at Casa del Mango – someone told me once it must be like living in a Disney movie or Wild Kingdom… well, I can tell you everyone here gets along pretty well. Of course, the cats tease the dogs sometimes, and Maiya gets a little annoying with her cat-herding behavior… Zorro is obsessed with the chickens… but all in all, it”s pretty peaceful – almost as if everyone here knows they have to get along. If only the rest of the world would take a lesson on that score…


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